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Equine Assisted Mentoring

Discover the wisdom inherent in herd dynamics and how it applies to building strong, healthy family relationships. This program has an emphasis on therapeutic mentoring as well as conscious horsemanship and incorporates Theraplay® sessions guided by a certified Theraplay facilitator.

Playful interaction between parents and children is the main focus of Theraplay, with goals to improve the relationship and strength of parenting. With guidance from the Theraplay therapist, the parent is able to experience the benefits of engagement, structure, nurturing, and appropriate challenge, and to integrate healthy parenting techniques into their parent-child relationship.

Focusing on non-verbal communication skills, the parent is mentored to use eye contact, facial expressions, and familiar gestures to build trust and confidence in their child. Equine Assisted Therapy is used in conjunction with Theraplay sessions to reinforce the parent-child bonding initiated in the Theraplay sessions. A series of 12 sessions is required for optimal results. Horses At Heart works directly with the therapeutic goals of the parent.

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