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Pony Up

Children will learn basic horse skills such as grooming, haltering, and leading the horse, beginning riding skills and the importance of healthy routine. Forming a partnership with a horse both in and out of the saddle, will enrich the child by focusing on mutual respect, safety, and building a relationship with an equine partner.

Skills learned in this program can transfer to the child's interpersonal relationships with family and friends. The experience of nurturing and caring for another being (the horse or pony) builds confidence in the child and helps with the understanding the parameters of healthy nurturing.

The importance of boundary setting that will be experienced through working with horses and can translate to a better understanding of personal boundary setting; how to respect another person's boundaries and how to respect the importance of our own boundaries. The Pony Up program will model many important aspects of healthy relationship building and personal awareness building, while learning the skills to ride a horse.

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